Social outcast Morrie lives day-to-day watching the world collapse around them. The political climate is changing, people are giving in to their darkest desires, and something less than real appears to be ravaging their world. Join Morrie and friends as they get the chance to take control of their lives and take back what's theirs from the spirits of the past.

Dimension Blade is an RPG where you control the style of combat. Alternate between turn-based, hack-and-slash, and rhythm style battles at will though a journey about what it means to have free will and what makes life worth living in a world where all chances of salvation appear to be in the past. Explore a world which visually evolves with you, slowly revealing the hidden realism which continues to cast its shadow over their simple lives.

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A selective mute who's trusted to lead a rebel group. As the stress builds, their true nature shows itself.

Raised by his friends' parents after being born out of scandal. He faces the crossroads of following in his father's footsteps and living life as he pleases or getting a job and accepting responsibilities.

A young woman held back by the conventions she places on herself. In truth an absolute fun-loving psycho, she forces herself to be submissive despite how much more fun it is to just let loose.

A slimey (long story) who fails to be masculine and doesn't understand that his maternal instincts aren't such bad traits. The world grows around him, and he is unable to grow alongside it.

Pokey the Narwhal. He's, uh... a very special character. And we love him for it. PI Pokey. PIkey. Pikey the Monodon Monoceros.

A woman who inherited the title of "General" at too young an age through antiquated methods. She disguises herself to become a hero of the stage, but she cannot outrun her obligation to her country--or her fear of suicide missions.

A mechanical bat driven by a need for love, all their decisions dictated by their past childhood beatings. As a machine, he asks himself everyday: did he have a childhood, and are those memories even legitimate? Or just a factor of his code, and not worth crying over?